Organizations That Help In Indonesia

Islamic relief is an NGO (Non-Government Organization) with a foundation date starting 2000 in Indonesia. As a matter of fact, the good people working together within the organization have a second location in Jakarta that opened just three years later. The purpose of this expansion is to better help those people in need once a natural disaster takes place in the local area. Over the course of a four year time span, they assist 2000 individuals in need and spend about $267,200. The professionals working in Indonesia are just one branch of the Islamic Relief USA family tree. Collectively, their mission is to provide for the basic needs of all people, without preference to gender, race or religion. Using consensus to operate, they desire to dismantle world poverty using five simple values found in the Qur’an. These values are excellence, sincerity, social justice, compassion, and custodianship.

Save the Children is another NGO equally committed to helping other people in need. However, their focus is turned more toward the children of the world. It should be noted that this organization operates in more than twenty different nation-states over four continents. Emergency response, global health, HIV / AIDS assistance, disaster response and child protection are some of the services they provide for the people they help. Some of their current campaigns include Every Last Child, Get Ready Get Safe, Syria and Refugee Children. Moreover, this organization has two petitions circulating, and they are titled Oppose the Refugee Ban and The President’s First 100 Days. Like many NGOs and NPOs (Non-Profit Organization), what they really need are child sponsors to get involved and put a little more funding into their operations.

A newer but just as passionate organization as the others mentioned is Project Hope. This NGO helps people in Africa, the Americas, China, Europe and Eurasia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Indonesia happens to be on the list of places they lend a helping hand. Since 2016, Project Hope is partners with AstraZeneca in the Diabetes Empowerment and Education Program (DEEP). The goal of this partnership is to improve the quality of life for individuals in the United Arab Emirates who live with diabetes. It also aims to assist those who are at risk of developing the disease.

The biggest player in commercial real estate

Commercial real estate is a trillion-dollar industry and has proven to be the entrepreneur’s way of building its empire. With all of the hotels, shopping centers, and office buildings worldwide one can only imagine who the important figures of these income generating properties are? For many potential buyers proving to have positive cash flow is how capital is acquired when obtaining a commercial mortgage for commercial property. In a recent publication by the Observer 50 of the most important figures were named and ranked according to the amount of real estate loans generated by banks. So now let’s get into some of these players and some examples of how they obtained their status. The list includes the likes of Mark Talgo, Andrew Farkas and Larry Kravetz.

Selection is Key

Coming in at number ten the partners at ACORE capital take pride in their ability to be strategic in their selection process. With Warren de Hana, Boyd Fellows, Chris Tokarski and Stew Ward these four men have proven themselves coming from that 39 spot last year. Despite the numerous deals that came across their desk the firm only lend to one. Having a great eye to spot the right deal for the team and company is imperative and vital to success and ranking.

Client Diversity

Going from number 9 to 10 seems like a little bit of improvement but for Brain Baker he indeed loves what he does and it shows. Being the head of Commercial Mortgages at J.P. Morgan securities diversity of clients is key. Mr. Baker takes pride in having clients on both sides of the business and what keeps him interested. For him it’s not only lending to banking clients but also trading with investor clients.

Acting Fast

For the Blackstone company opportunities were made possible by their ability to act fast. Ranking as number four on the list Michael Nash, Stephen Plavin, Jonathan Pollack, and Tim Johnson may all have different roles, but all have a powerful mindset for fast solutions. They bring certainty to a transaction and serve as a one-stop shop for borrowers.

Getting a Fast Start

Alan Wiener proves that starting off fast can definitely shoot you to the top passing all your competitors. As the group head of Wells Fargo multifamily capital closing a $2.6 billion loan for Starwood Capital Group early set the bar high. Although he is number two this year with his fast starting method going to number one doesn’t seem that far.

The Best of the Best in Grand Cayman Shopping

The finest shopping experience in Grand Cayman can be found by visiting the delightful mixture of establishments that make up the Camana Bay Town Center. It is beautifully designed and visitors can discover everything from top international brands to exotic local offerings.

World-class designers have made Camana Bay Grand Cayman’s hub for fashion. Exquisite choices in apparel for everyone in the family are available and accessories like shoes, handbags, hats and duty-free jewelry can complete the stylish new look. The variety of beach wear, sunglasses, footwear and sporting goods is perfect for those who are interested in enjoying all the activities that abound on Grand Cayman.

Shoppers don’t even have to leave Camana Bay’s Town Centre to enjoy the water. Children have fun playing in the fountains as their parents can rest in the shade of the luscious palms that grace the waterfront town. And the Observation Tower is the just the place to get a birds-eye view of the vistas that encompass Grand Cayman.

Catering to beauty makes up a large portion of the businesses in Camana Bay. The finest skincare and cosmetics are carried and the spas provide a level of luxury pampering that makes the visit brilliant fun. Great hair stylists can complete a stunning new look before you leave the spas refreshed and renewed.

Art lovers savor the talent on display in the galleries and readers will love browsing for the perfect vacation read in the bookstore selections. And entertainment possibilities with movies and special events are happening at different times throughout the year.

A big part of the ultimate shopping day can be found in tasting the phenomenal food and drinks that can be found in Camana Bay. Cuisine choices from around the world are prepared by some of Grand Cayman’s finest chefs and wine connoisseurs can partake in vintage selections.

Its convenient location on top of having all the luxury and variety makes Camana Bay the best of the best for both locals and visitors. It is sure to be a highlight of the Grand Cayman experience.

IGY Marinas Expands its Portfolio in South Florida

When shortlists are being made of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world there is little doubt that Miami will be included among them. The city boasts the benefit of being a melting pot of American and Caribbean cultures, of cultivating and sustaining a rich nightlife that allows visitors and residents to enjoy the city’s wide range of clubs, concerts and events. Miami also lives up to its reputation for having lots of warm weather and beautiful beaches that visitors can picnic on or possibly consider setting sail from. The city’s proximity to the ocean makes it a great location for individuals who like being in the water and are interested in experiencing the ocean by choosing to spend an extended period of time living, working and traveling on a boat. Some travelers who have a desire to take to the open ocean might find themselves choosing to do by deciding to book a ticket on a cruise. While cruises can be a great way to spend one’s free time on the ocean, planning a sailing trip on a yacht can also be a very fulfilling experience for newcomers and an enjoyable pastime for those who are veterans at taking to the ocean on a yacht.

One essential part of planning a fulfilling and safe yacht trip is incorporating time spent docking at a marina into one’s itinerary. Those sailors that are interested in spending some of their trip docking at a marina in Miami will find that IGY Marina’s new Miami location One Island Park will be the perfect destination for them. IGY Marinas’ acquisition of its new location One Island Park will enable the company offer new capabilities to the yacht enthusiasts that patronize the location. Yacht enthusiasts that enjoy IGY Marinas’ high quality services will now able to enjoy that same level of quality and comprehensive package of amenities in South Florida.

This expansion into Florida’s Southern region will be a first for IGY Marinas. By opening its new Open Island Park location IGY Marinas (founded by current Chairman Andrew Farkas) will now be able to expand the range of yachts that it can serve. The company’s new Miami location will be able to accommodate vessels that are more than 730 feet long that have a depth that measures 40 feet deep. IGY Marinas patrons that are interested in having more freedom of movement with their vessels will be able to engage in this at One Island Park. The company’s new marina is not required to comply with what are known as Captain of the Port policies which means that the vessels can enter Florida’s waters and leave them without any hassle.

For Sale! Montana Jack’s

Montana Jack’s, located 70 miles southwest of Billings Montana closed and up for sale. Previously it was owned by famous zookeeper Jack Hanna and operated by Chris Lockhart and Gena Burghoff. Lockhart and Burghoff are happy about their time at Montana Jack’s but, “a destination restaurant was not for us, even though we developed a following and a great business.” (Billings Gazette, Erick Olson, 20 Mar. 2016, Accessed 7 Feb. 2017. Located in Dean Montana, Lockhart and Burghoff ran Montana Jack’s for close to three years.

Jack Hanna and his brother Bush Hanna operated the restaurant back in the 1990’s. Originally the Hanna families are residents of Montana. Known as The Best Restaurant in Dean, Montana Jack’s is located on a 2.15-acre lot and is sized at 5,128 square feet. Colbert Real Estate has it listed for sale at the price of $657,500. “It is a special place, and I hope the new owners can make a go of it,” Burghoff said. (Billings Gazette, Erick Olson, 20 Mar. 2016, Accessed 7 Feb. 2017.

Originally Montana Jack’s was a restaurant and bar that originated in the 1950’s under the name “Y Bar”. It was known for serving chromium miners that worked at the Benbow Mine. The restaurant shut down in October 2014 and can be found at 1383 Nye Road in Dean Montana. If you find yourself in Stillwater County, 10 miles west of Fishtail and 70 miles southwest of Billings, you should swing by and check the place out. Lockhart and Burghoff will be opening a new restaurant in downtown Red Lodge at 7 N. Broadway, with investors Alexia and David Leuschen. They are eager to try out a restaurant in an area where the population can support them. The restaurant they are opening has no affiliation with Montana Jack’s.

Real Estate Investor Acquires Resource America

Capital Partners LLC, C-III, recently acquired Resource America Inc. C-III is an established commercial real estate investment management company, and as part of the deal, Resource America stockholders received $9.78 per share, or $207 million in total.

Andrew L. Farkas, CEO of C-III, said that the expanded platform allowed the combined company to provide commercial real estate debt as well as equity solutions to both institutions and retail investors. This better positions the company for growth in an expanded market offering.

The merger of C-III and Resource America creates a diversified platform of commercial real estate services combined with more investment products. C-III now owns $13 billion in assets, which include $79 billion of commercial mortgage. The company now manages 57,000 apartments nationwide.

Post-merger, there is a high level of focus to ensure consistent service levels are provided in C-III’s mortgage services, real estate lending, property management and brokerage departments.

C-III engages in a broad range of activities and is among the largest service providers for commercial mortgage backed securities. The corporation leverages real estate expertise to resolve defaulted loans for over 130 trusts, which hold $79 billion of commercial loans. C-III administers approximately $4 billion in products that focus on commercial equity and debt investments. In total, C-III manages nine debt funds, four equity funds, one hybrid debt and equity fund as well as other investment instruments. C-III’s online Real Capital Markets closed $1.7 trillion in asset and loan sales since 1999. C-III has its headquartered in Irving, TX, with additional offices in New York, NY, Greenville, SC and Nashville, TN.

Resource America focuses on consistent value and long-term returns on investments. It has $9 billion in assets, and manages 17,000 multifamily units in 20 states. Resource America raised $1.4 billion through the independent broker-dealer partnerships. This includes $635 million for Resource Real Estate Opportunity REIT and an additional $556 million for REIT II.

Dining Out in Montana

In Red Lodge, Montana rather than the ever popular steaks or burgers this state is known for there is a new dining option in town. The Ox Pasture restaurant can be found on Red Lodge’s main street, and it offers the kind of “farm-to-table” dishes that makes a person genuinely glad they chose this café for a meal. Whether you’re hungry for trout, pork, chicken or local Montana beef, the choice is yours.

However, based on what’s in season at the time is what will be served with your choice of entrée. The unique draw of the Ox Pasture is that every other week the menu changes, and patrons can count on never being bored with the same old choices time after time. A “rotating menu” is an excellent idea and ensures satisfied diners will be back for more.

Opened in May 2016, it didn’t take long for word of the Ox Pasture to spread. Good food speaks for itself, and that’s all the advertising this restaurant needs. Well prepared dishes will be one thing that helps the Ox to thrive and the experience of its owners will be the other. Between them, husband and wife team Gena Burghoff and chef Chris Lockhart have years of experience in the restaurant business and they have put it all to good use in one of their own. And working off of an idea from fourth generation Montanan David Leuschen doesn’t hurt.

Chef Lockhart grew up in England where the farm to table idea and eating locally grown food is nothing new. Traveling internationally, he can’t help but pick up new ideas and with his natural talent in the kitchen that works out very well for Ox Pasture diners. Small restaurants like the Ox have a big advantage over larger establishments. Small means flexible, and using locally grown seasonal ingredients just isn’t an option for most larger restaurants.

Flexibility is where the Ox really shines. Lockhart and sous chef Danny Mowatt get together twice a month and pool their ideas on the possibilities of whatever is in season at the time. Then their ideas are transferred to the rotating menu until it’s time for another change. Fresh, seasonal ingredients can be challenging as there are only so many ways to prepare some things. Whatever the ingredient is, Chef Lockhart will have a way to prepare it straight from “foodie heaven.”

Patrons don’t walk into the Ox and see stirrups or horns hanging from the wall. The main attraction in this tastefully decorated little restaurant is the food, and what they do with it. The whole look of the Ox encourages thoughts of modern country classic with the charm of a French bistro. The only discouraging news about the Ox Pasture is that they are closed in the winter months. You can bet anyone who has dined with them in their first season of business will be waiting for them to open again in the Spring.

The Best Restaurants in the Miami Design District

Miami has tons of restaurants, but some of the best are found in the Miami Design District. I have eaten in several of the restaurants here during the last several years, and I have been highly impressed with what I have found.

Red Carpet Italian

One of the most popular Italian restaurants that I have come across is the Red Carpet Italians. I tried this because I was interested in the possibilities for Italian food in the Miami area. I have a lot of friends that talk about the authenticity of the Italian food, and I was not disappointed. The garlic roles and the pasta are great. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone that is interested in Italian food. The ingredients are fresh, and the wine selections are awesome.

Wynwood Kitchen and Bar

When it comes to a having a nice date night, the Wynwood Kitchen and Bar is the best place that you can go in the Miami Design District. It is one of those restaurants in Miami that is known for delicious meals and a cozy restaurant. I like the restaurant because it offers some unique items that you cannot find in a typical restaurant. There are items like the Octopus Skewers that I can’t find anywhere else. The Roasted Beef Chicken is also quite appetizing as well.

This is considered an upscale eatery so it is a bit pricier than the typical restaurant, but I don’t mind. It has some great art work to view while you eat, and I have been several times since I originally went to the location last year.

Crumb on Parchment

When it comes to sweets, there is nothing better than Crumb on Parchment. This is my favorite restaurant. It is a bakery café that has the best sweets that anyone can ever imagine. There are blondie brownies and red velvet cupcakes, and the grilled chicken sandwiches are delicious here. I could go to the Crumb on Parchment every day, and I would never get tired of the chocolate chip cookies and scones. I can get a glass of wine to go with the meal so that makes it an even better retreat for a casual outing.

The Miami Design District has become a great spot for people that like variety. There are a lot of restaurants, so couples and groups of friends can always find something new.

New York’s Finest: Sweet, Savory, and Spa-Rific Gift Baskets

For ages, New York City has been the home of dessert & chocolate gifts/gift baskets. Anytime you visit NYC, and you think of buy chocolate and dessert, you should consider visiting the following stores.
Chelsea Market Baskets

Chelsea Market Baskets offers products consumed by all persons of any age and gender. Some of the products sold by the store are; Sweet $ Savory Feast, costing $142, the Olivina Spa Gift Basket for $98, and the Brooklyn Sweets Set for $68

  • Olivina Spa Gift Basket, going for only $98 comes with body butter, bath soap and a pumice stone engraved from volcanic rock. If you happen to have that one person that is so dear to you, then the Olivina Spa Gift Basket is the ideal product.
  • Brooklyn Sweets is a collection of desserts, chocolates, and candies from craft stores in Brooklyn. Priced at an affordable $69, this selection comes with chocolate bars from the Mast Brothers, caramels from NuNu chocolate, and Salty Road Salt Water Taffy to name a few. A true Brooklyn delight.



The love of food contained by Eataly not only rubs off its workers but also its clientele. The kinds of products at their counter are pasta, wine, and a sweets-themed gift basket.

And in case you need a large variety of the food stuffs you can treat yourself to “The Eatalian Pantry Box” which includes; Artisanal Olive Oil, Ligurian Pesto, 2 fresh pastas, a can of San Marzano tomato sauce and sparkling lemonade, along with a few other goodies. A treat for lovers of Italian cooking!

Green Spa

For those exceptional women who desire a day for themselves, a spa gift basket is the ultimate solution at-home gateway. According to the ranking that was done by the Gothamist Magazine, The Green Spa appeared to be among the top 10 spas in New York. The kinds of gift sets offered by Green Spa are affordable and occupied with soothing. Be sure to find restorative and beauty products at their stores.


Celebrating the New Year in Caribbean Style

New Year’s Eve festivities are different in cultures all around the world, and that’s part of the beauty. When the clock struck 12am on January 1st, 2016, people in the Caribbean celebrated the fresh New Year in true Caribbean style.

San Juan
People in San Juan, Puerto Rico flocked to the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino to dance Latin salsa, relish R&B tunes and simply enjoy the spirit of the massive crowds. The hotel’s New Year party was called “Illusions,” and there were more than 3,000 party people in attendance at the event.

Grand Cayman
Starting at 7pm on New Year’s Eve, fireworks erupted in Camana Bay, a fabulous town center in Grand Cayman filled with a variety of things to do (read more), restaurants to eat at, shops to visit and mroe! After the family friendly light show, adults headed to the ‘No Resolutions’ party where they viewed another set of fireworks at midnight. Following the night’s festivities, many people continued the celebration by taking part in the Westin’s champagne beach brunch on Seven Mile Beach on New Year’s Day.

Bermuda has its own distinctive New Year tradition. While people in New York, New York in Times Square eagerly anticipated the ball dropping, people in St. George, Bermuda waited for — you guessed it — the onion to drop. The party wasn’t only about the onion dropping, however. It was also a lively event that was full of live music and fireworks galore.

Jost Van Dyke
Jost Van Dyke is a tiny island that’s part of the British Virgin Islands. It’s only roughly three square miles. It’s home to Foxy’s Bar, which is the site of the famed party known simply as “Old Years Night.” Jost Van Dyke was definitely the ideal destination for people who wished to celebrate the fresh start of a near year on a gorgeous beach at night. The party was great for people who enjoy drinking, eating delicious food and simply socializing with others. Some of the beverage and food highlights of the event included both lobster barbecue and fruit cocktails.

Aruba’s New Year celebrations were also very memorable. Palm Beach is a popular tourist draw on Aruba. It’s also the site of Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino, a great place for people who wanted to check out the island’s mesmerizing sky light show. This was a terrific New Year option for families as it was also totally suitable for young children. Gorgeous lights weren’t the sole New Year’s Eve attraction at Palm Beach, however. People on Palm Beach also got the chance to enjoy dancing, live music and incredible food. Children at the event had the opportunity to participate in a variety of fun activities for youngsters.

Many people in the Bahamas visited Nassau’s Graycliff Hotel to experience an elegant and sophisticated New Year dinner party. The eight-course dinner was a true feast, with a variety of mouthwatering culinary options such as orzo risotto and Bahamian lobster.