New York Accommodations That Suit Everyone’s Needs and Desires

New York City has vibrant business and cultural activities that cater to the needs of residents and visitors of every nationality and occupation. They say that New York City is a city that never sleeps. That may be true, but New York also has an eclectic array of accommodations that pamper and delight the most discriminating person.

Soho-Manhattan area
For the creative person, the SoHo neighborhood is the place where art and culture come to life. Many art galleries line the neighborhood. The SoHo Grand Hotel’s architecture matches Manhattan’s skyline perfectly and has become one of SoHo’s enduring landmarks. Hotel Chelsea has also become a fixture in the neighborhood as part of a four hotel chain named after the iconic Hotel Chelsea. This legendary hotel is currently undergoing renovations to restore it to its original grandeur. Both hotels are conveniently located near art galleries, museums and a vibrant nightlife scene.

Left bank/McCarren-Brooklyn area
The hotels in this area of New York City cater more to business travelers coming from LaGuardia and JFK Airports. The left bank and the McCarren district in Brooklyn borough offer a relaxing, yet vibrant atmosphere for families and businesses to connect and unwind in this urban retreat. The McCarren Hotel and Pool, part of the Hotel Chelsea chain, offers enjoyable views of downtown Manhattan and McCarren Park. Manufacturers of readymade children and women’s apparel know the Park House Hotel in Brooklyn very well as they have hosted their trade show for years. The Park House Hotel caters to the vibrant Jewish community in Brooklyn and offers convenient access to various horticultural areas.

Queensborough/Long Island-Queens area
This area has just recently become more than a place to take off and land from via the nearby airports. It has become the place to go for world class tennis, International food and culture. Queens melting pot of cultures provide a variety of venues and activities for every nationality. The beautiful river views of Long Island city create the perfect respite for the weary traveler. Hotels in this area of the city are often cheaper and more convenient for the bargain hunter and budget conscious business traveler. Z hotel near the East River and steps from the Queensborough Bridge offers world class amenities and free transportation to Manhattan. Only Ruschmeyer’s, part of the hotel Chelsea chain, in Long Island offers more of a getaway in their rustic cabins nestled along the lake in Montauk.

The Bronxs-South and East
History and elegance is not something that comes to mind when this New York City borough is mentioned. However this borough does have a long history with the theater. The historic Bronx Opera House, now converted into a boutique hotel offers both elegance and comfort in a beautiful setting. Close to Yankee Stadium, the historic Bronx Opera House hotel is very convenient for baseball fans and other sports enthusiasts. There are many cheap hotels in the Bronx’s as this area mainly caters to the blue collar class and families who want to visit the Bronx Zoo.

Midtown-Manhattan area
Most tourists focus in on the Midtown area of Manhattan for several reasons. The Empire State Building is one of the most compelling reasons to stay here. History comes alive in the five blocks that cover Midtown Manhattan. One of the most interesting building in Midtown Manhattan is the Martha Washington hotel (part of the Hotel Chelsea chain, under CEO Ed Scheetz) built in 1903 for women who needed a place to stay. Today the Martha Washington caters to everyone. It is conveniently located close by Madison Square Garden and the Fashion District. The “Grand Dame of Madison Avenue”, the Roosevelt Hotel is a perfect place for the weary stockbroker and film enthusiast. The Roosevelt Hotel was featured in films such as “Maid in Manhattan” and “The French Connection.”

Florida Sets New Tourism Record

Florida experienced a record number of visitors in the first part of 2015 than any quarter to date.

Visit Florida, the state’s tourism promotion group, projected a total of 28.4 million people came to the state, up more than 6 percent from last year’s record number. The hotel room average daily rate increased by a strong 7.6 percent during the quarter and occupancy rose 3.7 percent as more hotels opened to serve the growing travel market.

These numbers delight Jeffrey Soffer (CEO of Turnberry Associates) whose company owns and operates the renowned Fontainebleau Miami Beach and Turnberry Isle Miami, along with Aventura Mall, one of Miami’s top destinations.

Tourism growth came from all corners of the globe with domestic, overseas and Canadian visitors all on the upswing. Last year, Florida hosted a record 97.3 million visitors and 2015 is on pace to exceed 100 million.

Visit Florida chief Will Seccombe said his goal is “to make Florida the No. 1 travel destination in the world” (

Mr. Soffer would certainly appreciate that.

Top Travel Planning Tools for Summer Travel

Summer is just around the corner, which means many are making plans for their big getaway.

Planning a trip is exciting, but it can also be exhausting. Whether it’s finding the best hotel deal, keeping track of booking information or getting directions to wherever you’re going, there are a few easy-to-use resources that can cut down the stress.

Here are my five favorite travel resources, designed to make any vacation thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.

Hassle-Free Planning

One of the most stressful parts of planning a trip is ensuring you have all your information – hotel address, car rental information, restaurant reservations, etc. – in one place. TripIt is one of the best tools available. Just input (or email) your booking information, and you get a detailed itinerary – generated entirely by TripIt – that is accurate and easy to access. Your itinerary can be as detailed as you want, and it’s easy to share with family and friends.

Simplified Currency Exchange

When traveling abroad, trading your cash for foreign bills is a good way to get hustled.  Currency rates at money exchange booths are notoriously bad, and they’re entirely avoidable in this digital age. Try The Converted, an app for iOS and Android smartphones.  Its crisp and clear layout allows users to easily convert their own currency into the currency of the country they’re visiting. The exchange rates are updated daily, so it serves as a great baseline to make sure you’re not getting swindled. The app is also great for converting units – a function that should prove especially handy for American travelers who aren’t familiar with the metric system.

Navigation Know-How

Whether traveling near or far, it’s always a good idea to have a navigational aid, and one of my favorites is Waze. This free, easy-to-use app is a huge boon whenever I’m on a road I’ve never driven before. Not only does Waze give navigational directions (including spoken turn-by-turn instructions), but it also processes information from other Waze users to calculate the worst traffic spots and provide the fastest, most efficient routes for getting around. It can add hours of vacation time that you might otherwise spend in traffic.

Read the complete list here.


When to Go to Europe: Timing Your Trip

Some people have flexible enough jobs and lifestyles to cherry-pick when to take their vacations, but many others have less choice. Fortunately, Europe welcomes visitors 365 days a year — and each season offers a different ambience and experience.

In travel-industry jargon, the year is divided into three seasons: peak season (roughly mid-June through August), shoulder season (April through mid-June and September through October), and off-season (November through March). Each has its pros and cons. Regardless of when you go, if your objective is to “meet the people,” you’ll find Europe filled with them any time of year. (more…)

Soffer Transforms Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Turnberry Associates’ Jeffrey Soffer, frequently photographed alongside wife, Elle MacPherson, had a gut feeling about Fontainebleau Miami Beach. With its ideal oceanfront location and famed Morris Lapidus architecture, Soffer believed he could transform the aging property into one of the world’s elite destinations.

“It had all the ingredients. I knew in terms of clientele, that if I could build an oceanfront, Vegas style hotel on Miami Beach, it would outshine anything that had ever been built,” Soffer recently told Haute Magazine. (more…)

A First Timer’s Guide to the Canary Islands

Pre-conceptions are a funny thing. If someone told you about an archipelago of islands set adrift off the coast of Africa, an oasis that boasts superb beaches and perennial warmth, which is home to the world’s second largest Carnival, award-winning wines and Spain’s highest mountain, you’d probably want to visit.

If they revealed they were in fact talking about the Canary Isles, though, some of your thoughts might start to cloud with images of sunburned Brits, dodgy fried food and all-things tacky. (more…)

5 Ground-Breaking Travel Accessories

What can smart bags do that your usual luggage can’t? All sorts of cool stuff, according to discoveries made at this year’s Travel Goods Showcase in Las Vegas. In many cases, smart luggage links to your mobile phone via an app, which manages most of the bag’s features.

For instance, you can unlock your bags remotely with your phone or track them wherever and however far they may get away from you. In some cases, high-tech features are built right into the bag. (more…)

5 Quirky U.S. Spots to Visit in 2015

Celebrate like the Basques, Boise, Idaho

One of the largest Basque festivals in the world, Jaialdi 2015 celebrates Idaho’s Basque community, a distinct culture tracing its roots back 2,000 years to northern Spain’s Basque autonomous region.

The dancing and games (including jai alai) that are central to Basque life will be on display during the July 28-August 2 festival, pegged to the community’s celebration of San Ignacio of Loyola, its patron saint. If you can’t make the every-five-years festival, stop by Boise’s “Basque Block”anytime to eat, drink and learn more about Basque culture. (more…)

Spring 2015 Guide to Paris

There’s more than love in the air this spring in Paris, as the city’s top museums and cultural spaces unveil a scintillating roster of new events and exhibitions. Plus, the best of the new boutiques, restaurants, and an exclusive new hotel.


This charming, new under-the-radar boutique near the Luxembourg gardens offers some of Paris’s most beautiful handbags, all handcrafted in France. Structured designs recall the great classics with an edgy contemporary refinement, crafted in softest fine-grained calf with crocodile and python accents. Opened mid-February, Verbreuil is one of Paris’s best-kept secrets…but not for long. (more…)

Trattoria Il Mulino Opens at Hilton Nashville Downtown

When Turnberry Associates Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Soffer announced plans to refresh the Company’s Hilton Nashville Downtown, he promised to bring additional culinary excitement to Music City. With the opening of Trattoria Il Mulino in the lobby of the hotel, Soffer has done exactly that.

The restaurant held a soft opening in early March, beginning with dinner service. Later in the month, Trattoria Il Mulino hosted its grand opening celebration.

The opening caps off a multi-year, $32 million renovation of the Hilton Nashville Downtown that updated the hotel’s 330 guest suites, grand atrium lobby and lounge, business and fitness centers, and meeting and event spaces. The Jeffrey Soffer-led enhancements also include a new executive lounge. (more…)